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Tuesday, April 8th, 2008
10:01 am
Obama is probably an INFP
I've been studying our President-to-be Barack Obama, and although I often avoid trying to type people I haven't met, he seems to have very clear INFP preferences.  I just finished reading his first book, Dreams From My Father, and it seems like a classic INFP journey for inner harmony and emotional integration (a very good read too, BTW). 

On March 18 he gave a 37 minute speech on race and religion in the US (timed in response to the controversy over the snippets of his Pastor) that also seems to me to show his INFP preferences.  He connected the experiences of a wide range of people, and finds the harmony in what they have in common with the potential of the US to be better than it has been before.  To, in his words, "perfect our union." 

You can see the introverted Feeling (Fi) process working in his vision of an improving USA (albeit one that will never quite live up to the standards of his inner ideal standards).

INFPs generally dislike conflict and are good at introjecting the experiences/feelings of others, and his diverse racial/cultural background has given him plenty of experience forging links between peoples who often do not get along well. 

INFPs can also be fuzzy with details.  But I don't think the problem with politics has ever been that it is insufficiently detail-oriented.  I think it is time for a visionary leader.  His underlings can handle the details.  But perhaps that demonstrates the bias of my ENTP preferences.

What do you all think?

It may be that one of the best things you can do to help Obama get elected is to support Project Vote (which he worked for back in '92).

"Project Vote is engaged in a 2008 Voter Participation Program of historic proportions. Designed to address the disproportionately low rates of participation among low- and moderate-income people, African-Americans and Latinos, and young people, the program aims to help a record-setting 1.2 million people from those underrepresented groups register to vote. "

Sunday, January 7th, 2007
12:30 am
Anam Chara & Universal Living Memory
Here is something I wrote in my own journal a few days ago. Perhaps it might interest some of the people here in this community. It has been quiet here lately- let's see if we can't get the ball rolling here again, hhmm? ;oD

The entry:


I have been inspired by many of the people who have manifested in my life to write about the Celtic Anam Chara, which means friend of my soul. The Hindus also have something similar called Acharya. I feel I have been blessed with a few people in my life who are friends of my soul- with one or two particularly sticking out in my mind. I often say that these people are quantumly entangled with myself. Since we are made up of energy and energy can only change its form and not be destroyed, it is very possible that our energies have met before. And I am beginning to believe that these energies (whether on a conscious level or not) are able to "recognize" each other. I also like to believe that energy (and atoms) that have been in contact before (whether in the same physical body, or two separate bodies that have much history together) will naturally attract themselves together again. This connects us to the concepts of Anam Chara as well as reincarnation.

My studies in Celtic Druidism show an Anam Chara as traditionally being a fellow shaman or teacher who formed a deep bond with another person. These sacred friends were more than just teachers, spiritual guides and confidants, but were also the person whom was to perform the last rites upon one's death. The famous Irish hero Cuchulainn was Anam Chara to Ferdiad, his best friend and foster-brother. When the two warriors were forced to fight each other Cuchulainn killed Ferdiad and supposedly performed the eulogy of the Anam Chara for his companion. Anam Chara also acted as the person's closest friend, companion and their guardian. Apparently the Abbess Brigit is quoted as saying "a person without an Anam-Chara is like a body without a head" which emphasizes the importance of such a friend. As Druidism began to meld its way into Celtic monasticism we see the Anam Chara's role changing slightly into the role of the priest or nun as one to whom would listen to one's private confessions and offer advice. Soon the church ordained that only men could act as Anam Chara.

The Acharya of Hindu tradition is considered a title of great respect and often added to the end of a person's name- similar to how we might add the title Sir to one who has been knighted. Acharyas are gurus and scholars who teach through there own example- by simply being who they are. I feel I have mutual Acharyas who have blessed my lifetime, especially within this last year. I feel these friends both teach me and learn from me in a glorious cycle of appreciation and continuous growth & amplification.

This reminded me somewhat of Jung's Cellular Memory which then got me thinking about Universal Living Memory which is constantly evolving and growing. I would strongly recommend reading the book: THE LIVING ENERGY UNIVERSE by Dr. Gary Schwartz & Dr. Linda Russek which speaks in great scientific and spiritual detail about Universal Living Memory Systems. Every atom, every cell stores the memory/ the history of all the places it has been, all the things it has been and everything it has done from it's past. However, these memories are not just readily accessible to us; it is a matter of finding the right trigger to access these memories.... They are not lost, but perhaps the path to them has been forgotten (An example might be a phone number that was once forgotten, but as you were driving down the street you saw a sign for highway 407 and you remembered 407 was the start of said number and then the rest of the digits came flooding back to you). I often find that in certain situations specific information just seems to "click on" and become known that was previously inaccessible to me. When I find myself around people or places that I feel I have "known" before, certain things just seem to flood into me and "spark up" so-to-speak. It was always there, but now it has become known...

Thank you for following along with my crazy train of thoughts here! I would love to here of your experiences with Anam Chara as well as your thoughts on Universal Living Memory m'dears!

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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
4:19 pm
Hello? Is anybody out there?
Pink Floyd is singing in my head now...
Tuesday, November 14th, 2006
1:53 pm
A place where we can rant about the difficulty of being a abstract person in a concrete world and share survival techniques.

HAHA This is one of the things that describes the community on the profile page, I just realized how stupid this sounds. We are abstract...we don't exist....we the community of ghosts. Hey that would explain the absolute silence in this community!
Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
12:37 pm
Red Peacoat
When I first saw you, I thought it noble—
the way your fibers clung to their dye.
I once clung with similar fervor
to a shiny wax crayon of precisely the same hue.
And when I chose you, that was why:
because I knew at heart we were the same.

I cannot pinpoint the moment your fibers,
like a child grasping for a cookie just out of reach,
And I do not know the exact day
that you began to hang
a little less like the pristine livery of a sailor
and a little more like the tragic rags of a Slavic refugee.

I can, however, recall our first excursion:
walking through the slate grey streets of a pre-Christmas Manhattan.
We were partners in loneliness
as we peered into festive shop fronts with their
books and bonbons
clothing and cutlery—
all shiny, all fine, all new.
Your vibrant fabric rustled in my ear and I replied
by buttoning your three congruent tortoise shell buttons,
sound in the knowledge that none of these things
could bring me as much contentment
as the thing I already had.
Monday, November 28th, 2005
4:08 am
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FIND OUT AT culture_chic
Friday, September 30th, 2005
2:41 am
(T. Beechey)

GLIMPSES WITHINCollapse )</lj-cut?
Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
3:37 am
(T. Beechey)

Sunday, September 18th, 2005
10:21 am
(T. Beechey)

Sunday, July 31st, 2005
6:24 am
(T. Beechey)

WINDOWSCollapse )
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
4:10 am
(T. Beechey)

Forever exists until memories fade
And the shades are drawn and even then
When just a solitary thought
In time is caught,it begins again

Forever is neither here nor there,
It's everywhere and nowhere at all
Yet,somewhere we fall in the middle
And,little by little,we begin to dull

Till we all become part of forever
Never changing,but seldom the same
Name or circumstance doesn't divide us
For they're inside us to feed the flame

There is no beginning,there is no end
Only chance to mend what's fallen before
As through the door we quickly pass
Into the looking glass of nevermore

Forever exists in a dream selected
From those reflected in sightless eyes
And nothing dies for we're all as one
Just as we've begun until spirits rise
Friday, July 22nd, 2005
3:51 am
(T. Beechey)

As you watch stormclouds gather,do not hide but rather marvel
At the carnival of rapture not to capture but behold
Unfolding by the season without reason,yet a sign
To define our very purpose,it is for us to be told

Yes,the message in the thunder is be one with all around us
While sounds of falling raindrops swaps bad thoughts for good
Should you ever see the lightning,it's inviting all to listen
To the glisten of the rainbow for it knows what no one could

Why we are and who we're being,what we're seeing that's unreal
How to feel as souls are numbing and becoming who we can
To unveil the plan for seeking for the weak and for the moghty
An idea that shall unify the brotherhood of man

It's a concept held by many,but are any truly looking?
Have we took our final glances and are chances now denied?
Don't hide from the forming of stormclouds,they are with us
To deliver us a message we had best not turn aside

And the message in the thunder is be one with all around us
While sounds of falling raindrops swaps bad thoughts for good
Should you ever see the lightning,it's inviting all to listen
To the glisten of the rainbow for it knows what no one could
Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
7:46 pm
Hello everyone,

I'd like to disclaim a thing or two before I proceed-- I do not intend this to be 'spam' or whatever. And if you're going to convince yourself that it is-- then you can go crap your pants.

Anyhow, I created a nice little Yahoo Group called Adopt-A-Best-Friend,

The basic premise of the group is that we're all best friends!!! That is not to say that we all knew eachother before joining; when you join, you are thereby the best friend of everyone in the group. Sound nice? You bet it is.

I just thought at least someone in this group would perhaps possibly, maybe like to join, or at least go and see what it's like?

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Sunday, June 26th, 2005
2:53 am
I ran across a very interesting statement and I am interested as to its validity. The statement people who have been abused as children (sexually and/or physically) almost always test as N's. This is by no means saying that being N is a result of being abused and that all Ns have, but rather a higher likelyhood of developing the N function in those who have been abused. I am interested to know if there are any N's here who have had this in their past, or anyone who knows people who have been abused and know what those people's types were. If you don't feel comfortable responding in a comment, feel free to email me at Ndarner@comcast.net

By the way! I am Nicole. I am an INFP with a low preference on the F and P functions. If anyone knows what Enneagram is, I am a 5w4 and scored rather strong in 7 as well. I also wanted to let you know that there are some interesting sites up all over the place, if you hadn't found them already.

There is a site dedicated to INTP's and friends of:

INFPs and friends of:

and my personal favorite where there is a relatively active chatroom
Intuitive Central, a place much like this-

Nice to meet you all!
Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
12:06 am
new stuff ....
looking for new things to try out. any sugestions ?
yeah i know i basicly left the field wide open, but
the more the better. right ?

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Sunday, May 8th, 2005
2:24 pm
A hypothetical day of me (guess my type)
I never introduced myself.
Hi, I'm new, my name is Ilana.

This is a hypothetical day for last semester. Hope you enjoy it.
I took the temperment sorter but I've been questioning my personality type and now I have no clue what type I am. After reading this, would anyone like to guess what type I might be? If you could do that, that would be great because I'm very lost right now. I might not even be an N (although I most likely am)
Well, without further ado, I'll let the rest speak for its self.

8:10 am - Alarm goes off. You wander to the other side of the room to turn it off. You are rather tired because you had trouble falling asleep last night. (as usual). You push the snooze button and rest in bed for about 20 minutes (given that you don’t oversleep). After that you get up and get ready for your day.

8:30 am - You get dressed quickly and throw on something that looks alright. You are all ready to go, but you don’t have a class until 9:30. So you turn on some of your favorite music and spend a bit of time thinking about the past. Also, you spend a little time mentally reviewing your day and deciding what you want to accomplish today. You may even make a to do list. This is a perfect way for you to start off your day.

9:00 am - You walk over to the dining hall. It’s a beautiful day outside and you are convinced that today is going to be a great day. When you get over to the dinning hall, you eat a bowl of cereal and a piece of fruit. You take your tray over to a quiet corner near a window and you spend a little more time reflecting. You grab some lunch to take with you since you don’t have a break for a long time.

9:09 am - Shit! Breakfast took too long. You gather your stuff and scurry over to the music building.

9:11 am - After quickly saying hi to a few people in the music building, you run off to a practice room and soak your reed. You do a few long tones and a brief warm-up to be sure that you are warmed up for orchestra at 11. (you don’t have time to warm up between your 9:30 class and orchestra). You play your warm up well, but you would be really happy if your reed was just a little darker. But you are glad you had time to warm up. You finish up and check the time. Its time to start packing up. Your next class is pedagogy and its right downstairs. Its your favorite class, and even though you have time, you don’t want to be late.

9:19 am - You arrive to pedagogy and you are early. No one is there Oh well. You talk to a few people in the hall until the teacher arrives.

9:25: You talk to your friends who are in the class, turn in your homework and get settled. You end up talking to Jennifer for a bit. You discuss the homework assignment with her, she brings this topic up. She asks how many pages you wrote. For some reason this question always seems to annoy you. (in pedagogy the content is more important than the quantity, so in your opinion it doesn’t really matter. And the teacher is not at all a strict grader, but she writes helpful comments on all the work she grades.) Soon Jen starts obsessing over grades. She’s a wonderful friend but it’s a bit annoying when she obsesses over grades. You are a good student but you are motivated to do well for the sake of learning, not some grade. Oh well. You want to change the subject, but you don’t since class will start soon.

9:30 - Class starts. We are discussing personality today. (your teacher is really into the mbti types, and she is the same type as you). The class is talking about early childhood experiences and it is all very interesting. The ENFPs are contributing the most to the conversation, but that is fine because its very interesting and you rather just listen and observe. One thing you also like about this class is that it is very thought provoking and involves a lot of self discovery. You think about the discussion and you find that you are able to relate to other people’s past experiences. You listen and think deeply about all these new wonderful ideas. This class helps you understand people better, and to you that is truely thrilling

10:05- The topic changes slightly and suddenly you feel the urge to share one of your past experiences, which is completely relevant and very insightful. But you have to think about it… do you really want to speak up in class? You think about it for a bit. When you finally decide to share, someone else beats you to it. The topic changes slightly again. But yet again you feel the urge to speak up in class. This time you do. You feel like everyone is staring at you and you speak in a rather quiet voice. It was a good contribution to the discussion but it was such a big ordeal for you. You tend to speak up a little less than once a day in that class, which is more than usual for you.

10:20- In class today a person who you didn’t really get along with last year, (the feeling was mutual), shared something very sad about their past. You are touched and are more understanding as to why they acted the way that they did. You feel bad for being so judgmental last year. You see that person differently now, and you see them as a strong, rather then just a crabby/ bitchy person. Find out about their past was almost like a revelation for me.

10:51 - The class got caught up in a really great discussion, even though class officially ended a minute ago. You want to stay but you have to get to orchestra like right now. You want to look over the hard parts in the Schubert symphony before you actually play it. And besides, you love orchestra, it is one of your favorite classes. You politely excuse yourself and hurry out of there to get to orchestra.

11:00 pm - You tune the orchestra with your lovely A, which is a tiny bit flat today. (This annoys you slightly.) You start playing the Schubert. You play your first solo in unison with the clarinet. You are very happy that its in tune today because its hard to tune. But the violins mess something up and you have to go back and play that passage again, and this time its not as in tune as it was the first time. You keep playing and get wrapped up in the beauty of the music. You love playing in orchestra.
We get to the 2nd movement, you love that movement but you are nervous about a huge solo coming up near the end. You play it alright but you are still not completely satisfied.
Rehearsal continues and it eventually ends.

12:52- You pack up and head on over to the most dreadful class of the day; ear training. On the way over there, you are upset because you just recently found out that the school of music director is cutting the winds out of orchestra. This really upsets you because you are enjoying your orchestra experience this year and orchestra is your life. You get to class early and just listen in on someone’s conversation as you munch on some food.

1:00 pm - Class starts. It is just the usual same old shit. You spend the time daydreaming and quietly laughing at the crazy activities that we have to do. You have a pretty good sense of humor in general, and humor is the only thing that gets you through that class.

2:30 pm - you head back to your room to relax a bit. You check your email, take a shower and start your pedagogy homework as you listen to music. You think about taking a nap but don’t do it because you get preoccupied with other stuff. You can’t fall asleep at night so what makes you think that you can take a nap? Oh well, it was a nice thought.
3:30 pm - head over to warm up for wind ensemble
4:00 pm - Wind ensemble. Its alright today, except this annoying last chair flute player is being really rude and obnoxious. She arrives late, talks on her cell phone, reads during class and misses all her entrances. She taps her foot very loudly, and she’s all in your face when you’re playing your solos. I’m getting tired and I’m hungry and not in the best of moods. I want to strangle her or tell her to knock it off but you just put up with it, even though she is so annoying. If only she would stop stomping her damn foot.

6:00 pm - Wind ensemble’s over. You think about getting dinner. But you are don’t want to deal with the crowds and the long lines so you go back to your room to relax for a bit until the crowds die down. Dinner in the dinning hall is free on weeknights. You’re not really hungry anyways so its cool. You get preoccupied with an interesting subject on the internet or perhaps an IM conversation.

6:40 pm - Now you are actually hungry, but the dinning hall is closed. This school never seems to fit your eating schedule. Grr, now you can’t get dinner for free. You can either buy some over priced food at the Plaza or grab a granola bar from your room. You opt for a granola bar.

7:00 - Start some more homework.
Your roommate comes in the room. You haven’t seen her all day because she’s in her boyfriend’s room practically 24/7. This is fine for you because you need some time alone. You wish your romantic life was existent now. You don’t really connect with anyone at the school, although you have one or 2 secret crushes. You can’t go out with just anyone, it needs to be someone special. You just don’t know anyone like that and you feel like there's no one there for you at this school. Everyone else seems to have their romantic life together but you. You have also been hurt in the past . You are kind of too busy for romance but it would sure be nice. But at the same time love is something you just don't want to deal with right now. Come to think of it, you social life isn't really together either. You love people, but you find yourself too shy and too self concious to be more outgoing. This perhaps bothers you even more than the lack of romance in your life.
Anyways, you are a bit bitter that your roommate has a SO but she still feels sorry for herself. Oh well, that’s life. You still get along very well with your roommate. When she comes in, you talk a bit and she invites you to some party. You turn it down because you have lots of practicing to do tonight and you are not much of a social butterfly.
Soon she leaves and you continue to work.

8:00- Its time for a break. You decide to go practice oboe. You start by pulling out your practice planner and setting some goals for today. You plan out your entire practice and then go through with the plan. You spend a lot of time on details and do about 2 hours of solid work. Music is something you enjoy very much and will willingly sacrifice a good deal of your social life (or whatever else gets in the way) for it.

10:00 By the end of your practice you feel accomplished and energized because you reached some of your goals. However, there's still always more to be desired. You are painfully aware how far you are from perfection. Today you notice that you are very tense when playing and that its having a negetive effect on tone and intonation. This problem is just starting to pop up, but you are already worried about it because if left unchecked, it could be really BAD. You need to fix it before thursday's orchestra rehearsal because you want to sound good and in tune in rehearsal. If you don't sound good, you will bring down the other woodwinds, make a fool of yourself, appear to be unprepared and let a lot of people down. The worst thing about sounding bad in rehearsal is your fear of backward progress. You hate the idea of sounding worse than you did a few days ago, and you definetelly don't want to do this in public because it just reinforces the fear. Anything other than improvement is very bad right now because you are preparing for an important audition in March. You make a mental note of the problem areas and write down some things to work on tommorrow. You are also aware that you have come a long way since you first started oboe and you made some nice progress today. You leave the practice rooms feeling neuteral about your playing.

10:15- Back to your homework. Its due on thursday but you want to finish it tonight to get it out of the way.

11:00- Your room mate came back. You realize that you are really starved right now. You didn't really have dinner (aside from the granola bar). You and your roomate decide to grab something to eat. You talk a bit and take your time. She goes back to her boyfriend's room and you head back to your room alone

11:40- You spend the next hour writing an entry on your online journal and checking up on all the people you know by reading their online journals. You don't interact with others all that much, so reading these blogs is very important to you. With most of the blogs, you notice that everyone else seems to have their life more together than you do. And then there are some blogs that you can really relate to. In fact, you find that you have a lot in common with some of the people. You can really emphasize with some of your aquaintances. Some of these people could probably become good friends. But that will probably never happen because you are too weird and shy to reach out to them. There's always hope though. Things could change. Your social life sucks this semester and you are frustrated by that. You need to stop being so shy and self concious.
Then you start to think about everything wrong in your life and your personality. You hope things will change soon.

12:30 am- Now would be a good time to get to sleep. As soon as you start to settle down, your roommate barges in the room and just the sound of the door opening startles you. She only seems to come in right when you are ready to fall asleep. She comes in to grab some stuff and then she heads out again. You talk for a bit and get distracted from falling asleep.

12:55 am - You can’t fall asleep so you decide to read. Just for a little bit though, like 20 minutes tops.
1:50 am - It was a good book and it took way longer than expected. You have an 8:30 class tommorrow and you should have been asleep at least 45 minutes ago.
2:20 am - You’re still awake.

2:45 am - You finally doze off.
Thursday, April 28th, 2005
8:11 pm
(T. Beechey)

There was a boy who yearned to fly and,for hours,he'd watch the birds in the sky
And one could tell by his eye's gleam that some way,someday he would realize his dream
From his body he sprouted wings --- beautiful,gorgeous,spectacular things
With the colors of a thousand springs and all the splendor which nature brings
And they spanned the entire world,shielding all from rains as they unfurled
And,as they were drawn and curled,the color trails swooped and swirled

First,he leapt into the wind but,from this plan,he chose to rescind
So he kept the wind to his back,but all he knew faded to black
He tried to take off on a run,but grew entangled in the rays of the sun
Finally,he tried just staying still and remained just that way until...

He gazed once more at the beauty he found within the sky,then looked around
At what to him was now a cell from which he would eternally dwell
And so his wings began to rot,his dreams of flight were no longer a thought
The colors,once brilliant,began to dull...leaving behind nothing at all

He watched as others took his place and soared above with glamour and grace
And,to each one,he wished them well as he awaited the tolling of the bell
For that was all that remained,now indelibly ingrained
Upon his soul to bear the shame,upon the stone to bear his name

So,he watched as the world passed him by without a glance to his tear-stained eye
And,when came the time for him to die ---- since no one cared,no one asked why
Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
6:17 pm
(T. Beechey)

Somewhere it is written,it's anyone's guess
Perhaps by one who wished more and found less
That those who stand in the pouring rain
Seeking a hand only search in vain.

To those who seek shelter in the open air
And continue to swelter when the sun isn't there
To those who awaken to silent screams
Visibly shaken by violent dreams
To those in search of the fruit of life
Only to find the tip of the knife
To those whose visions steadily dim
Till all that left is the top of the rim

Somewhere it is written,in between the lines
Which seldom fit in with the designs
That all that is given is barely received
And all that is taken is rarely believed.

To those who see shadow without hint of light
And a chilled wind blows in the day and night
To those who seek joy in a bottomless glass
And,through brittled hands,all does pass
To those to which time has been unkind
To those who are free yet still confined
To those whose flames have dwindled to embers
And no one,even them,even remembers...

Somewhere it is written,no one knows where
Perhaps by a mitten on the frosted air
That all that is spoken goes forever unheard
And becomes a token to a mislaid word.
Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
2:11 am
(T. Beechey)

Somewhere it is written,it's anyone's guess
Perhaps by one who wished more and found less
That those who stand in the pouring rain
Seeking a hand only search in vain.

To those who seek shelter in the open air
And continue to swelter when the sun isn't there
To those who awaken to silent screams
Visibly shaken by violent dreams
To those in search of the fruit of life
Only to find the tip of the knife
To those whose visions steadily dim
Till all that left is the top of the rim

Somewhere it is written,in between the lines
Which seldom fit in with the designs
That all that is given is barely received
And all that is taken is rarely believed.

To those who see shadow without hint of light
And a chilled wind blows in the day and night
To those who seek joy in a bottomless glass
And,through brittled hands,all does pass
To those to which time has been unkind
To those who are free yet still confined
To those whose flames have dwindled to embers
And no one,even them,even remembers...

Somewhere it is written,no one knows where
Perhaps by a mitten on the frosted air
That all that is spoken goes forever unheard
And becomes a token to a mislaid word.
Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
3:06 am
What do I have that is worth communicating?

What do you have that is worth communicating?

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