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Anam Chara & Universal Living Memory

Here is something I wrote in my own journal a few days ago. Perhaps it might interest some of the people here in this community. It has been quiet here lately- let's see if we can't get the ball rolling here again, hhmm? ;oD

The entry:


I have been inspired by many of the people who have manifested in my life to write about the Celtic Anam Chara, which means friend of my soul. The Hindus also have something similar called Acharya. I feel I have been blessed with a few people in my life who are friends of my soul- with one or two particularly sticking out in my mind. I often say that these people are quantumly entangled with myself. Since we are made up of energy and energy can only change its form and not be destroyed, it is very possible that our energies have met before. And I am beginning to believe that these energies (whether on a conscious level or not) are able to "recognize" each other. I also like to believe that energy (and atoms) that have been in contact before (whether in the same physical body, or two separate bodies that have much history together) will naturally attract themselves together again. This connects us to the concepts of Anam Chara as well as reincarnation.

My studies in Celtic Druidism show an Anam Chara as traditionally being a fellow shaman or teacher who formed a deep bond with another person. These sacred friends were more than just teachers, spiritual guides and confidants, but were also the person whom was to perform the last rites upon one's death. The famous Irish hero Cuchulainn was Anam Chara to Ferdiad, his best friend and foster-brother. When the two warriors were forced to fight each other Cuchulainn killed Ferdiad and supposedly performed the eulogy of the Anam Chara for his companion. Anam Chara also acted as the person's closest friend, companion and their guardian. Apparently the Abbess Brigit is quoted as saying "a person without an Anam-Chara is like a body without a head" which emphasizes the importance of such a friend. As Druidism began to meld its way into Celtic monasticism we see the Anam Chara's role changing slightly into the role of the priest or nun as one to whom would listen to one's private confessions and offer advice. Soon the church ordained that only men could act as Anam Chara.

The Acharya of Hindu tradition is considered a title of great respect and often added to the end of a person's name- similar to how we might add the title Sir to one who has been knighted. Acharyas are gurus and scholars who teach through there own example- by simply being who they are. I feel I have mutual Acharyas who have blessed my lifetime, especially within this last year. I feel these friends both teach me and learn from me in a glorious cycle of appreciation and continuous growth & amplification.

This reminded me somewhat of Jung's Cellular Memory which then got me thinking about Universal Living Memory which is constantly evolving and growing. I would strongly recommend reading the book: THE LIVING ENERGY UNIVERSE by Dr. Gary Schwartz & Dr. Linda Russek which speaks in great scientific and spiritual detail about Universal Living Memory Systems. Every atom, every cell stores the memory/ the history of all the places it has been, all the things it has been and everything it has done from it's past. However, these memories are not just readily accessible to us; it is a matter of finding the right trigger to access these memories.... They are not lost, but perhaps the path to them has been forgotten (An example might be a phone number that was once forgotten, but as you were driving down the street you saw a sign for highway 407 and you remembered 407 was the start of said number and then the rest of the digits came flooding back to you). I often find that in certain situations specific information just seems to "click on" and become known that was previously inaccessible to me. When I find myself around people or places that I feel I have "known" before, certain things just seem to flood into me and "spark up" so-to-speak. It was always there, but now it has become known...

Thank you for following along with my crazy train of thoughts here! I would love to here of your experiences with Anam Chara as well as your thoughts on Universal Living Memory m'dears!
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